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Saying that you have employed the ‘best writers’ is a strong promise to fulfill, but promises exactly this. If this is actually true, you are looking into the cheapest service that delivers quality papers, which is a very rare opportunity. Still, in most cases where services offer such cheap prices, this indicates low quality instead of high.

To determine where this company comes on the quality level ladder, we decided to evaluate their features. According to the website, this is what the key features are:

  • Plagiarism free content
  • Result oriented assignments
  • Excellent customization approach

Franklin Strader: I tried this company two times now, but the last one will actually be my last time paying them for papers. The first time I ordered an essay, it wasn’t so bad. But the second one was a case study and it was terrible. I asked for a revision, but did not get any, so I’ll be looking for another company.

Robert Ramirez: is a scam. I just paid money for a paper and what I got was almost the exact writing as one I found online. I didn’t even have to use a plagiarism scanner, just copy and paste the content in the search engine. Highly disappointed!

Types of Services

British Assignment Writer offers eleven choices of academic assistance, including essay, coursework, dissertation, research proposal, case study, report, editing and proofreading, slides, thesis and literature review. This list includes almost all popular academic, but it lacks term paper, research paper, article, movie, and book review writing, and many other papers students may need throughout their education.

Knowing this, we don’t believe that this service is the best choice of a regular provider you can choose throughout your entire education. Nevertheless, if the quality is as great as the prices, it might be worth checking out. Let’s see.

Prices and Payment Methods

This is surely one of the cheapest writing services on the market, with prices starting at only £8.99 per page for a deadline of 6 days or more. In addition to this deadline option, the company has only three other choices: 3 to 5 days, 48 hours, and 24 hours.

The deadline options are very limited here, especially since the company has no urgent deadline option. If you need a paper delivered within few hours only, this is not a company you can use.

As for payment, britishassignmentwriters accepts PayPal, Western Union, and HSBC.

Discounts and Special Offers

At the moment of writing this review, there is a standing special offer that appears right when you open the company’s website. This special offer is amazing, providing customers with 30% off their first order. Add this discount to the originally cheap price, and you will get the best price on the market.

Even so, this appears to be the only discount offered by the service, and it is not even a long-lasting one. As it turns out, the company has no set discount for new customers or bulk order, or a loyalty program for those who order there often.

The lack of loyalty program is a serious disadvantage since the majority of companies online give privileges to returning customers. In addition to this, the discount here reminded us of few other websites, and gave us the feeling that we are looking at the same company.

Quality of the Paper

The ordering process at is very easy, but the quality of writing is not half as good as the company promises. Our essay was very cheap due to the special offer they give at the moment, but the quality of content was a huge disappointment. In short words, the paper was filled with mistakes and a serious amount was plagiarized.

Is the Site Easy to Use?

Once we noticed the similarity with the website content and features, we started seeing signs everywhere. Starting from the ‘let’s talk’ logo on the right bottom of the page, to the exact same discount offer and pricelist, and even the same services list, this website is undoubtedly one of the many created by one company.

Other websites we know of are and

Customer Support

The customer support was one of the two great things about this service, the first one being the pricing. We immediately got in touch with the customer service to check if the company has 24/7 assistance and what they’re like.

We got a prompt and highly professional response to all our questions, as well as detailed information regarding the ordering process and the company’s revision policy. Unfortunately, the writers and editors still did not give us the paper they promised.


Overall, is a legit writing service, but the website is just one of the many created by the same company. As is the case with all other websites, this company offers great prices, but low-quality content.

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