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Before we got into the task of reviewing, we had never heard of this company. It’s not as popular as you’d hope and we know this by reading the Global Assignment Help reviews. Only the great comments seem to show up on the website, which is why you shouldn’t base your decision only by reading the content on this company’s site. In fact, the realization that maybe every review published on their official site is faked, or that they hand-pick what they present to you, made us doubt everything. That’s why we checked everything offered by For more details, keep reading our GlobalAssignmentHelp review.

Andre Fletcher: This website looks much better than it is and I have one of the worst research papers to prove it. I trusted them with an urgent assignment and when I received it, I decided I’m better off not submitting anything at all. It was mostly plagiarized and, while no paper gets me in a bit of trouble, this would get me in a lot of trouble.

Misty Gordon: I used this service only once and that will be the last time. They delayed the paper and it has too much plagiarism in it. I don’t like their work.

Academic Writing Services Offered by GlobalAssignmentHelp

Many things about this company’s site are strange and vaguely described, but out of all those things, we were most confused by the service list. The page that is supposed to list services gives an incomplete list that contains items that aren’t in the order or pricing list, and vice versa. For example, the order list offers the following types of services:

  • Assignment, coursework, and term paper
  • Case study and report writing
  • Essay
  • Dissertation and Ph.D. thesis
  • Business plan
  • Online exam and question-based test papers
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing
  • Poster, leaflet, and portfolio, etc.

On the other hand, the dropdown menu of the page called services (basically where you should get a full list) includes programming and homework help. If you were to check the pricing of these or order them in their form, you won’t be able to find them.

Pricing Model

This part is masterfully presented and bound to impress all who visit Global Assignment Help. Prices start at £ 5.42 and are clearly listed in a table found in their pricing page. Judged by the cost of papers sold here, Global Assignment Help is one greatly cheap service. At this point, we started wondering why they’re offering such a grand discount on prices that are already lower than the reasonable range.

If you were to order a dissertation, which is considered one of the highest-priced and hardest assignment writing help services, you’d be asked to pay from £ 6.45 to £8 for a deadline of a month. Add one of their highly attractive discounts to the quote and you get an extremely cheap academic writing service.

Even so, it somewhat scares us to see such prices as in this assignment help UK company. In the end, we weren’t really surprised by how this Global Assignment Help review turned out – the pricing made it obvious.

Discounts and Loyalty Program

Right now, GlobalAssignmentHelp has the highest discount for newcomers we have seen online – 25%. But, some of the reviews we have read before writing this review indicated that the newcomers’ discounts vary on this website. Even so, they are always attractive.

We were a bit disappointed at first to see that there aren’t any other discounts, including loyalty discounts at this assignment writing help service, but based on the pricing, it wouldn’t really matter if the quality were good.

Paper Quality at Global Assignment Help

Before we received the paper and were able to check its quality, we already had our doubts about the reliability of this company. Almost every Global Assignment Help review spoke of some flaws, so we thought we were prepared and know what can happen.

We didn’t expect it to go as far as it did. We received the paper from Global Assignment Help one day early, which would be considered a great thing, only the paper was copied and pasted from a couple of sources online. The writer who took it and wrote it didn’t seem to have spent a lot of time on it, so we got a percentage of 33% of originality when we checked for plagiarism. To be more, the content that turned out to be original was written in bad English, which makes us think that Global Assignment Help UK might be working with non-native and barely fluent writers.

Website Usability

The website looks very good and is full of useful data. If the actual paper quality and service was as described in their testimonials and in their samples, this review would be much better. But, we wouldn’t recommend putting a lot of trust in what the website says.

Customer Care and Support

That grave amount of plagiarism made us reach out to the support. This part went well at first and horribly later on. The agents are fast, which is great, and they have a live chat you can use to reach out to them free of charge. But, when it comes to handling problems like ours, they don’t really help.


When we were halfway through our research, we already realized that this might just be another company that lies on their website. The prices were simply too good to be true and not a single review on the website fit the ones that we found in search engines. After the evaluation of our order, we can conclude that this isn’t really the trustworthy service it claims it is, and we can’t recommend that you make your investment to order papers here.

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