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Nerdywriters has been the topic of conversation among students in the UK and outside of it for a while now. We have heard of the website many times, which prompted us to check out their offers. Their reputation is obvious just by reading the many good reviews, but we still have left to check their services, prices, paper quality, and customer help.

In this review, you will be learning why the service is as popular as it is.

Gregory Peters: It wasn’t that long ago that I discovered this company. It’s the perfect combination – not too expensive and good for my grades. This is why I decided to write this – to tell you that I finally found a good company. Whew!

Mickey Smith: Nerdywriters has done amazing things for me throughout the years. I’m now at the end of my Master’s studies and have been using them since high school. I really, really recommend them.

Academic Writing Services Offered

The selection of ‘types of documents’ at NerdyWriters is really exhaustive. Before we opened the service or price page, we read many NerdyWriters reviews that mentioned all kinds of papers like dissertations, essays, and thesis. But, it goes further than this.

In the list, you will find an essay writing service UK, but also documents like marketing plans, reaction papers, and financial analysis. This isn’t your ordinary essay writing UK service, but one that’s definitely highly established and works with many writers.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

A good list of services is nice, but only if the company does not overcharge for a service. This is why the next step we took in making this NerdyWriters review was checking what prices they charge for different services.

Let’s begin with essay writing since it is the most ‘in demand’ paper with this kind of services. Writing an essay by the company writers costs $19.99 for a page. If you order something very complicated and for a higher level, say a dissertation for Ph.D. level, you can still pay the same price. You’ll have to order ahead, of course, but the cost can still be $19.99 for you, without the added discount.

This makes an extremely attractive company for students of higher academic levels. With the discounts we’ll discuss now, you’ll understand why it’s so popular with younger students, too.

Discounts and Loyalty Program

There are some mentions of a first time discounts, but at the time of our review writing, we only found their long-standing loyalty program.

It’s still an attractive one, even if you don’t get a discount on the first order. If you order over 15 pages, you get 5%. If you order over 100 pages, you’ll get 15% off. This doesn’t apply to a single order and is based on all your accumulated orders. It’s a discount with no time limit, so once you reach the number, you’ll always get it.

Paper Quality

We chose to review this particular essay writing service because of its reputation with quality. They seem to do a really good job, considering that many students rate the company as the best essay writing service UK.

However, we decided to test this on our own to make sure that all this is the truth. After working with their essay writers, we can confirm that this is one of the top choices of writing companies in the country. The quality is unmistakable and they have a very secure system backed by guarantees. There wasn’t any plagiarism and the essay writers did an extraordinary job with the topic requirements.

Website Usability

Nerdy Writers has a website with a sleek and friendly design and plenty of information. We needn’t reach out to the support for any extra info, so we ended up talking to them just so we can review their service.

Customer Care and Support

The support at Nerdy Writers reached out to us more times than we reached out to them. This has never happened to us before. They offered to help with the order, which they didn’t have to since it was really easy to do. Then, they reached out to see if we downloaded the paper and to inform us of their revision policy.

There’s hardly another company that will willfully offer to revise a paper if you don’t like it. We are more used to the companies that you have to beg to get a free revision. This was quite new to us.


Our experience with Nerdy Writers was satisfactory in every sense. Their service list is enormous, the support is more than just professional, and the prices are bearable for the quality delivered.

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