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1.3 is an online site that helps students with custom papers.

The site opens up to a page full of positive reviews, emails, and messages about the services. So, it looks like the company is successful and that the clients are happy.

However, if you dive into the website and additional reviews, you may find that the agency is not as dependable as it seems.

According to multiple New Essays reviews, the services are terrible. Here are some examples.

“I ordered a college essay in computer science and got a highschool cheat-sheet. Incomplete, incoherent, and full of grammar issues. Never ordering from here again!” – Kevin S.

“I shouldn’t have wasted my cash on this website. All I wanted was a research paper. Instead, I received a useless three-page essay. No bibliography, no plagiarism check, no rewriting, no refund. I don’t recommend New Essays!” – Emma F.


The site offers the following services, each with their own presentation page:

  • Dissertation help.
  • Essays.
  • Proposals.
  • Proofreading.
  • Resits.

Furthermore, New Essays UK has an entire page dedicated to guarantees. Here are some of them:

  • Custom papers written from scratch.
  • No plagiarism.
  • No missed deadlines.
  • No publication (no one has the right to use your paper other than you).
  • Full confidentiality.
  • Your writer is specialized in the subject you need.
  • Full referencing list.
  • Free chapter-by-chapter delivery.
  • Free amendments.
  • Free quality report.
  • Support by phone and email.
  • 100% safe and legal website.

According to the site, their services are brilliant. Nevertheless, we found more than one review that states the contrary.

Many of them complain about the quality of the services: grammar errors, plagiarism, formatting problems, missed deadlines, and more.

On the other hand, some negative criticism is centered around customer support, communication issues, and price.

The main page on the front of the site is meant to deflect the negative comments. This may trick some customers into buying from them, specifically if the users are not savvy with paper companies.


Unfortunately, New Essays doesn’t have a price calculator. Instead, you have to contact them through an order form and request a quote.

This is a problem because, as a student, you want to know right away if you can afford an essay at this specific agency. You might have a tight deadline or schedule, and simply lack time to request a quote and wait for an answer.

So, if you’re desperate, you might order without requesting a quote just because your friend suggested it, and you’re in a rush.

They claim to provide a quote in less than two hours. Nevertheless, that’s two hours closer to your due date, and you haven’t even ordered yet.

This is a marketing strategy on New Essays’ part because it pushes you to commit before you know what to expect.

Here are some quotes:

  • A 6-page dissertation, with a 10-day deadline, college-level, costs around £100.
  • A 2-page research proposal, with a 10-day deadline, college-level, costs around £40.


Most paper agencies give a 15% discount on the first order, regardless of the type of service.

That’s not the case for New Essays.

They claim to offer a “Bundle Discount”: 15% off on two or more essays in one order, which might seem convenient. Nonetheless, this is another marketing strategy.

Also, they offer a 10% discount, but you have to roam around the site to find it.


For quality control, we ordered a paper from the service to complete our New Essays UK review.

We asked for a five-page essay in geology (“The cycle of water: how rivers, lakes, and seas are born”). We gave a 10-day deadline, and we paid £129.99.

Then we wrote some guidelines to the writer.

At first, we chatted with them, but after two days, they stopped answering. So, we tried to reach the writer through the contact info. They kept sending us from one department to another.

On the 10th day, we received the finished product, and we were disappointed.

Grammar errors, plagiarism, and a superficial outlook on such a vast topic are unacceptable. So, we asked for a refund.

Needless to say, they answered by saying that it’s not in their policy to give refunds.

So, our experience verified all the negative reviews.

Website usability

The website seems outdated and old-fashioned. The info is cluttered and all over the site.

Also, they don’t have a price table or calculator, which is inconvenient.

Customer support

Customer support is offered in the form of:

  • Email.
  • Online chatbox.
  • Facebook messenger.
  • Skype.
  • Address.
  • Three phone numbers.
  • “Contact Us” area.

As we said in the “Quality” section, customer service is slow, and you need to ask for a quote to know the cost of your paper.

They don’t offer refunds, and if you ask for one, you might get ignored.


We cannot recommend New Essays for online student help.

The site is outdated, and the customer support is unacceptably slow.

Furthermore, we wrote many essay writing service UK reviews and can claim that the quality of their work is below average.

From grammar errors to missed deadlines, you can expect anything bad to happen if you choose New Essays.

Lastly, our experience with them was just as awful as the reviews predict. Our final product was unfinished, superficial, and full of errors.

So, if you want to get excellent grades, try to use a different website.

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