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Essay writing services can be a lifesaver, especially if you’ve left it too late to deal with a deadline and you’re not sure how you’re going to get everything done. The idea behind hiring Essay Writing Lab – or other suppliers for that matter – is the same idea that leads to companies hiring freelancers and marketing agencies instead of carrying out the work in-house.

Perhaps you’re dyslexic, or perhaps you just struggle to take your thoughts and to turn them into words. Perhaps you’ve already written something but you need a second pair of eyes to make it better. Maybe you’re just running out of time and you have no chance of getting it all done.

That’s where essay writing companies come in. The best essay writing service is the one which listens to you when you brief them and which shows through their experience that they can cover the topic or topics that you need to write about.

But is Essay Writing Lab the best essay writing service in UK? And if they’re not, who is? Let’s take a little look.

EssayWritingLabs Testimonials

One of the best ways to get a feel whether a potential essay writing service might be right for you is to take a look at what existing customers say. Here are just a few of the Essay Lab reviews that we’ve come across.

Mike Mullen: “My son used to help him out with one of his assignments. They were able to take complex subjects that the two of us struggled to wrap our heads around and to write a high-scoring essay. Good stuff!”

Janet Hulme: “Essay Writing Lab is fantastic! We’ve used most of the major providers to create content for our popular science site, and Essay Writing Lab is head and shoulders above everyone else we’ve tried.”

Essay Writing Services Offered

In the spirit of writing a comprehensive EssayWritingLab review, one of the most important things for us to consider is the way in which they approach the task of essay writing. Unlike many other companies, which have smaller teams and constrictive packages, Essay Writing Lab review your brief and then assign it to one of their over 350 writing and editing experts.

They also go out of their way to provide a rapid delivery, setting ambitious delivery targets and then holding themselves accountable to deliver it on time. They’ll even go out of their way to prioritize your order if you’ve left it a little late and you’ve got a looming deadline.

Pricing and Payment Options

Every Essay Writing Lab review seems to have a different price included, but that’s because it varies depending upon the type of order that you place. You can choose between essays, dissertations, coursework, book reviews and more, and you can specify the length and the urgency of the order. These will all make the prices vary, but they typically start at around £15.

One thing that most Essay Writing Lab reviews forget to mention is that there’s a discount code for your first order – simply enter the code lab15 and you’ll get 15% off. That makes them even more affordable than they already are, and in fact, they’re arguably the best value provider on the market.

Customer Service

Most of the Essay Writing Lab reviews that we’ve seen are pretty complementary when it comes to their customer service, and with good reason. One of the things that immediately stands out is that they have a 24/7 live chat where you can reach out at any hour of the day to ask for help or to chase up the status of your order.

For our money, you can’t write a proper review without putting them to the test, and so we tried contacting them through a variety of different channels to test their response rate. On top of an immediate response from their live chat, we also received responses through Facebook and Twitter within twelve hours or so.


The purpose of this Essay Writing Lab review was to give you a good idea of whether they’re the right essay writing provider for you. By now, you should have a good idea of what the company offers, as well as what their pricing structure looks like and whether their customer service team is any good.

So what’s next? Well, if you’re still not convinced then you could check out some other reviews, although we don’t expect that you’ll find anything that we haven’t covered. You could also consider looking at reviews of other providers, but be warned that there aren’t many that can compete on price while still offering the same level of quality.

Other than that, you’re ready to reach out to them and to get started with booking your assignment in. Remember what we said earlier on in this review when we explained that the turnaround time is one of the key factors when it comes to pricing. The longer you leave it, the more you’ll have to pay if you want them to meet your deadline.

Have you used Essay Writing Lab in the past? If so, what did you think of the work they delivered? Be sure to let us know with a comment.

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