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Opening a website that charges a tiny amount of what most academic writing companies do today is a dream of many students. But this always turns out to be a big mistake, which is why we weren’t very hopeful about this review to begin with.

The very first thing you should know in this AssignmentAce review is that this is a very, very cheap service. When they say that they are affordable, they are under-selling it. However, such low rates combined with very bad AssignmentAce reviews we read online indicate that there’s something flawed about this company from the very start.

To find out what we now know after our research, read this Assignment Ace review to its end.

What Customers Say

If you ask me now when I bought an essay from them, I wouldn’t pay them a single penny if they requested it for a paper ever again. delivered an essay that was almost entirely copied from an online site. They didn’t even bother to cite the source.

Mabel King

I’m devastated of how irresponsible some people can be. The quality was average, but the big issue I had with Assignment Ace is that I received the paper a day late. An entire day! No apology – not even a response when I confronted them.

Emilia O’Connell

Services Offered to Students

The service list of this assignment help UK company is impressive – to say the least. They don’t just offer academic assignments. In the list you can find essays and research papers, projects, dissertations, case studies, homework, coursework assignments, etc. But, you can also find job search documents like resumes, CVs, cover letters, and more. There are even some rarely offered projects like quizzes, news releases, eBooks, and other products that aren’t fitting for the market this company is targeting.

It is safe to assume that they tried to cater to a wider audience than only students. But, judged by the negative reviews, they don’t seem to fit well in the academic circle to begin with. We found no reviews from people who ordered resumes, CVs, or any other of the products we just mentioned.

Cost of Academic Assignments

Assignment help costs almost nothing on this website. They’ve made it very tempting for students, which is probably why the company still stands on the market despite its bad feedback. If you don’t have time to check or are not familiar with how important feedback is for such companies, you’ll probably rush to buy a paper. After all, it costs only £4-£6 per page if you buy it in 20 days or more.

Some other examples of their excessively low rates are:

  • £8-£10 per page for deadlines of 10-19 days
  • £12-£14 for deadlines of 6-9 days
  • £18-£20 for deadlines of only 3-8 days
  • £22-£24 for deadlines of 24 hours (unbelievable, right?)

If you’ve used some reputable companies before, you know that these rates are nothing in comparison to theirs. In fact, we’ve found some very good services that charge around £20 per page for the longest deadline, while this one charges it for 24 hours only.

At this point, you should stop to think – what kind of a decent writer would be willing to go through all the trouble for such a low sum and write a 24-hour paper of ‘’best quality’’?

Discounts and Loyalty

Several spots on the website, including the pricing page and the homepage, mention ‘’inexpensive service with generous discount offers’’. Even so, you won’t find any details about this on the site. There isn’t a welcome discount provided, any codes you can use, and there isn’t a loyalty program or any mention of it.

Since the support is basically non-reachable most of the time, we never got an answer on this topic. We proceeded to buy anyways since after all, AssignmentAce is really cheap even without this.

Paper Quality

With the hope that we’ll get at least an answer on the discounts while waiting, we placed our order on the site. As the pricing and reputation of the company shows, you shouldn’t have high hopes about this service. In fact, we probably set ours too high since this was one of the worst papers we ever received.

For a company that offers everything a student needs (and more), they did an incredibly bad job in providing one of the simplest, most common academic assignments – an essay. The essay was supposed to be argumentative, but it contained no real arguments in it. It was almost like a descriptive essay, but written in a very poor style and bad English language.

Some of it was even plagiarized. We found over 30% copied from a single source, telling us that the writer didn’t even want to bother to check more sources.

Website Usability

The site of this company is messy – truly. It looks professional at first and has some very engaging quotes and statements that would attract many customers. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll find that most of these statements are vague, the information across it is repeated many times, and the key information is lacking. Even so, it runs smoothly and pages load fast.

Customer Support

The support is another disappointing feature because they aren’t available around the clock. Interestingly, they’ve said that they work 24/7/365 and yet, we never got responses on email when we reached out.

What seems like a live chat is actually a form you can fill. When they are available, they’ll reach out on email. In our case, this didn’t happen when we asked about discounts and it most definitely didn’t happen when we requested a refund or a revision.


Based on everything we’ve learned so far, we cannot possibly recommend AssignmentAce to any student. They offer the lowest prices and have a huge service list, but the quality of writers and support is extremely low.

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