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1.6 has a modern marketing strategy, offering an increased discount on the mobile app of the company. This is one of the very few services that have grasped technology and social media, and the 30% discount certainly makes an inviting offer for students.

Still, the question about the quality of content remains. Let’s first look at the key features:

  • Quick assistance and support
  • Timely submission
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support

Kelly Schmidt: is legit, but not good. There is a very big difference. I like their prices, don’t like their writers. Also, don’t like their customer support service.

Michael Ruble: My brother told me ‘I found a nicely priced company you can use’. Obviously, he did not check anything about this company. may be cheap, but it is not instant. And not good, either.

Types of Services

The list of services is far from extensive but can be considered solid. Basically, you can get all the popular papers you want here, but nothing other than that. Students can order research papers, term papers, essays, dissertations and dissertation chapters, thesis, case studies, research proposals, and PowerPoint slides here. They cannot, however, order programming assignments, multiple-choice questions, lab reports, or any of the other less popular services.

Prices and Payment Methods

The starting rate for 2:2 quality standard is $8.73 per page, $10.53 for 2:1 quality standard, and $12.59 for the first class standard. When you see these prices, you will get the impression that this company is a cheap one, but this is not really the case. As a matter of fact, the starting cheap prices apply to a deadline of a month, which is a deadline people rarely have assigned by their instructors.

To give you a clearer idea, the lowest quality paper within 7 days costs $15.30 per page. This is still not a high rate, so we would say that the company is averagely priced.

Discounts and Special Offers has the amazing first-order discount, as well as some other special offers you can find on the website. Check the Offers page to see what they have at the moment.

Unfortunately, the company has no loyalty program for returning customers, which makes it a bad candidate for a regular content provider. The prices are affordable and realistic to start with but most companies tend to reward their loyal customers with lifelong discount offers.

Quality of the Paper

We got a research paper from this company, but the writer missed our deadline. It was only for two hours, but this is still a lot for students who fight very tight deadlines. To make things worse, the writer completely failed to proofread the paper, which means we ended up with a paper filled with mistakes.

The worst part about the mistakes was that they weren’t the common typos you make when writing something. These mistakes make us believe that the company works with non-native English writers, since there were entire parts of the paper that were incomprehensible.

Is the Site Easy to Use?

Yes, the website is extremely easy to use and all information is presented in a clear, concise manner.

Customer Support

When we got that low-quality paper filled with mistakes, we immediately got in touch with the customer service. The agent there informed us that we are entitled to a free revision, so we got a prompt revision of our paper. Regardless, the writer still failed to make it right, so we ended up with a paper that was equally bad as it was in the first place.

Other than this, we were satisfied with the work of the customer support. They were prompt, very polite and highly professional in handling our concerns.


Considering all things, we cannot possibly vouch for as a good source of academic papers. Despite the fact that they have affordable prices and a great customer service, the company has employed writers who are not truly experts in writing academic papers. In addition to this, the writers often miss the deadlines of customers, which is bad news for this company’s guarantees.

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  1. oli says:

    Run very fast from them, every review on this page is correct 300%, my 7-year-old can construct better tenses and write better essays than this so-called writers, very unreliable, they never meet deadlines, language is zero, references zero, in fact, nothing was right, I did my work all over again, no communication from them at all

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