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We are former college students and happily employed professionals. Our names are Amanda Celaya, George Harmon, and Jenifer Matthews. Right now, you might be wondering – what prompted us to go back to checking online writing sites after we’ve obtained our degrees?

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Jenifer Matthews

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The truth is, we struggled a lot in college, even high school. Out of our group, only Jenifer knows how to write good papers. But, she often had to order papers online too, which ultimately put us all in the same position – trying to find writing service.

That’s where things became really hard for us. In our attempt to buy from online companies, we were sometimes left with no paper when the deadline was due and we also lost our money. With some more legit companies, if you can call them that, we got our papers for the money we paid, but the quality was too bad to submit anywhere.

Knowing what we know about writing services now, we plan to help any current student in avoiding these kinds of problems. There are several good companies out there, ones you can trust, but unless you know about them, you’ll lose a lot of money and probably at least a grade or two.

This website serves a unique purpose – to teach you how to choose a writing service that you can trust and tell you what companies are a waste of your trust and your money.

If only there were such websites when we were struggling to find a site that can help us online! Usually, the websites that look the most attractive are the worst choice. They use tricks like low prices and huge promises to make you spend your money there. Once you do, you’ll never even want to go back to enjoy that huge second-order or loyalty bonus they promised in the first place.

So, without any further ado, check out our site to see the reviews of many of the services we’ve seen online. We check these in detail to understand exactly what you should be expecting from their writers and support. With our free help, you can make the right decision and save yourself from all those headaches and frauds that burn a hole in your pockets. Good luck!