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Evaluating the website of turned out to be exhausting since the company has introduced plenty of irrelevant information, and not a single sample or a blog where you can see the quality of papers offered. If you take a look into customer reviews online, you will find that this is not a very popular service. This makes the need for a real, detailed review highly important to those who think of hiring these experts for their papers.

The first step is introducing the features the company offers:

  • Communicate with expert
  • Best assignments for the best marks
  • 24/7 support

Samantha Higgins: “I was in the middle of a Friends marathon when I realized that I had an urgent assignment. I ordered the research paper with a deadline of 24 hours. I was so happy to receive it on time. But when I saw the content, I wanted to cry. It was terrible. What a waste of money!”

Riley Davidson: “The customer service is non-existent at this website. I was complaining about the quality and they did nothing.”

Types of Services

The list of services is nowhere to be found on this company’s website. does not even request this information in the ordering form, which means that they accept all kinds of offers and only request the subject and deadline.

You can inform them of the specific requirements by using the ordering form, but seeing that the company sees the type of paper as irrelevant, we are quite concerned about the quality of content offered here.

Prices and Payment Methods

There are only two criteria for the price at Help4Assignment: the deadline and the number of pages that you need. This means that you cannot choose your quality level. It may be a PhD dissertation or a high-school essay. The quote will be the same.

Currently, the quotes start from £14.15 per page for the deadline of 10 days. This is an affordable price. If you want the paper in 24 hours, you’ll pay £21.50 per page for it. These prices are relatively affordable. However, you should keep in mind that only one quality level is available, and it’s not impressive.

Help4Assignment allows you to use American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and the Discover Network to pay for your order. 

Discounts and Special Offers

This company does not offer any discounts.

You may be a loyal or a first-time user. It doesn’t matter; you shouldn’t expect to get a price reduction here.

The order form doesn’t offer any special features. That’s another negative aspect of our Help4Assignment review.

Quality of the Paper

When you pay such a high quote, you are expecting a high-quality paper. We had our doubts because of the strange pricing system, but we made sure to provide the writer with detailed requirements for the academic level and paper type.

The paper we got was of average quality, certainly not worth the high quote we paid. We found several mistakes in the content and no plagiarism. The paper was not even formatted according to our requirements.

Is the Site Easy to Use?

The website here is very professional, but the lack of information and samples is a clear disadvantage.

Customer Support

Once we got the average quality paper, we decided to get in touch with the customer service. We asked for a revision because we were entitled to one, paid a very high price, and the writer did not meet our requirements. Even though this was explained in our request for a revision, the agent did not approve it.

The customer support is easy to reach and the agents are somewhat professional, but the fact that they rejected our revision request makes us believe that this company is not as good and legit as they promise.


When we checked the paper that we ordered for this Help4Assignment review, we were disappointed. Although there wasn’t any plagiarism in it, it lacked proper style, grammar, and formatting.

This is not the best service to hire if you’re looking for high-quality content. It may work for high-school students, but even they should be careful with it.

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