Compare and Contrast Essay

Compare and Contrast Essay

Online vs. Traditional Classes

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Online classes have been available for over a decade now, which makes them the biggest competition of the traditional classroom. Aside from being a much cheaper alternative, online classes are also less time-consuming ways of learning. Having the advantage of upgrading their skills in a time much shorter than the time spent in traditional classes often makes students wonder ‘Should I choose online classes instead of traditional ones?’

Right now, choosing between the two is not a matter of obligation, but of preference. Due to the advances in online learning, students can now pick their classroom by weighing a list of advantages and disadvantages of the two.

Online Classes

The first and biggest advantage of online classes is the price. The difference in prices is so big, that even the most expensive online boot camps are cheaper than the college tuition average cost. Additionally, choosing self-paced online courses instead of boot camps gives an incredibly cheaper option. There are even free tutorials and open online courses that make college tuition seem like a luxury, especially to those who need to get college loans that they would have to be paying off long after graduating.

When it comes to a variety of online learning options, students usually need the boot camps’ mentorship approach to get a good education and job, but there are many students worldwide who have used the free or cheap self-paced courses and succeeded based on this education.

Online education is convenient and flexible and is considered to be the only option of getting an education for many people that do not have the time to visit traditional classes. Having to juggle family obligations and work leaves little room for going to college. Online classes vary in intensity, which makes flexibility the best option for people with a tight schedule.

The fact that online learning is more flexible and less time consuming makes this type of teaching more focused on the skills that are needed in the workforce. Therefore, online programs and courses are more focused on what will get people the job and how they can do it.

Aside from these advantages, online classes come with many disadvantages too. Choosing online learning instead of traditional learning limits your career options and makes you miss the college experience.

The disadvantages of online learning can be best-seen trough listing the advantages of the traditional one.

Traditional Classes

Going to college means living the life many people talk of as being the best part of their lives. The college experience means parties, meeting new people, living in dorms, playing in sports teams, being a part of fraternity or sorority and whatnot. Many students choose the traditional classes only to be able to enjoy the unforgettable college experience that comes with it. Aside from having fun, students become more independent and financially aware when they leave home and go to college.

Sitting in front of the computer or tablet when learning online limits people from spreading their network of acquaintances. Being in the traditional learning environment allows constant proximity to many people that may help you find good job opportunities in the future. After a person graduates from a traditional college, they continue carrying the network of friends and acquaintances with them. Traditional learning often results in getting internships and good job positions.

A degree from college is much more recognized than those of online learning. The paper a person receives which says Bachelor may not contribute much to getting a good job, but is surely more valued than the certificates received from online classes.

Traditional classrooms come with the advantage of choosing between a much wider choice of careers. Learning online cannot provide students with certain equipment and experience that is crucial in developing skills in certain studies such as biology, chemistry, dentistry, medicine, athletics, and nursing. In order to learn to be a doctor, dentist or an athlete, one must use certain equipment and facilities in order to develop their skills. This is not something you can do by learning online.

Aside from the fact that traditional classes are the only option for learning certain skills, the degree from such education is a must for some careers and professions. For example, if a student wants to become a banker, biologist, professor, doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc; they would have to hold at least a BA degree from college.

Traditional college does come with many advantages that online learning cannot provide students with, but the cost makes it unreachable for many students who do not have the money to pay for it. Right now, it is almost impossible to send a child to college without falling into debt. If the student decides to take a college loan, they are bound to pay it long years after getting their degree.

Traditional learning is more focused on providing students with general skills that will present a foundation for their future job position. Online learning, on the other hand, is more focused and gets students readier for what is about to come after receiving the education. The education a student receives from the traditional classroom may become a problem when they need the experience and skills in the workforce.

Choosing between the two is a matter of preference. Looking into the pros and cons of both methods of learning is the main thing that should lead the student to make the decision between online and traditional learning.