Know What You’re Ordering! Learn about the Different Types of Services

Your professor told you to submit a research paper by a particular deadline. You decide to order it online. That’s okay; we’re not judging here. You get your content right when you expect it, and you read it.

Everything seems fine, but do you know how a research paper is supposed to look like? What if the writer didn’t follow all academic writing standards?

When you learn how to make a difference between the types of services, the writers won’t be able to trick you.

Common Types of Content You Can Order Online

1. Essay

This is the most common assignment that students get. The traditional essay is a piece of academic writing consisted of 5 paragraphs: introduction, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. In this type of paper, you’re expected to give your academic opinion on a particular topic.

You’ll need to conduct research, examine the evidence, and combine those details with your own opinions and personal experiences. Unless you’re writing a personal essay, the piece has to be characterized by objectivity and guided by logical thinking based on evidence.

There are few types of essays you’ll encounter throughout your academic journey:

  • Narrative Essay – this is a personal paper, which contains a description of a real-life experience.
  • Descriptive Essay – content that describes an event, object, place, or person. You should convey a deeper meaning through those descriptions.
  • Persuasive Essay – it requires your opinion on a particular matter. You are expected to provide evidence that will convince the reader you know what you’re talking about.
  • Expository Essay – it provides a detailed analysis of a particular issue. You should explain the topic through scientific facts, real-life examples, and statistics.

2. Research Paper

The research paper is a lengthy piece of content that presents your evaluation, interpretation, or argument on a certain topic. This type of assignment imposes the need for in-depth research and evaluation of evidence. You should document the sources properly, so you will reference all of them in the bibliography.

3. Coursework

All types of papers you complete for a particular course fall under the coursework description. That may be an essay or another type of project, art and craft items, report on field work, and anything else your teacher thinks of. It’s important to get clear instructions about a coursework project before ordering online, so you’ll explain exactly what you need from your writer.

4. Term paper

By its form, the term paper resembles a research paper. The only difference is: you submit it at the end of the term and it accounts for a large part of your final grade, so it’s really important to get it right. Through a term paper, students are usually required to argue a point or describe a concept/event related to the curriculum. It’s a lengthy project that discusses the topic in detail.

5. Dissertation

This is the final-year project at graduate school. It’s the most complex type of paper a student needs to write throughout their academic journey. It’s meant to show that the MA or PhD candidate has taken responsibility for their own learning and they can conduct a completely unique research study that would provide value for the academic community. It’s a very long project, so you have to start working on it on time. If you’re about to order it online, it’s important to pick the best writing service.

Remember: you have to know what standards a particular paper is supposed to meet before ordering it online!