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Students have many solutions online when it comes to their academic problems. There are many companies that offer to write their papers or edit and proofread them. However, the ones that only offer editing/ proofreading are rare on this market. is one such service.

Since there isn’t much about this company online, we decided to do this review to help students who consider this service understand what it offers.

First of all, you should know that the reputation of this service is considerably bad. It’s not a very popular service considering that there are very few Proofread My Essay reviews online at the moment. Even though they’ve published some very positive ProofreadMyEssay reviews on the site, most that we found online are very negative.

To learn more about this company, keep reading this Proofread My Essay review.

What Customers Say

“I sent my dissertation to this company for proofreading and I must say – I’m really unhappy with what they did. They changed less than 10 things and missed some mistakes that I instantly found when I read my essay. It’s a good thing that I read it before submitting it, but a bad thing that I invested in this service.”

Santiago Haag

“Don’t use this company. They charge a small fortune for almost nothing. Yes, they did some proofreading on my paper, but I paid for editing and proofreading both, and nothing was changed except for some grammar issues.”

Simone Yost

Services Offered at ProofreadMyEssay

ProofreadMyEssay offers three services in total – proofreading, editing, and formatting. This is a very limited list. We don’t understand why the company offers editing and proofreading only considering that they claim to have highly experienced, English-speaking editors and experts on board. Most students would prefer to find a reliable source they can use for everything, including writing.

Regardless, every company deserves a shot in our opinion, so we decided to try them for this ProofreadMyEssay review. The thing you need to know about their services (which is really frustrating) is that you cannot get anything else unless you get proofreading first. You are given the option to choose proofreading when you order and add editing or formatting (these two are not obligatory). You cannot get only editing or formatting at this company.

Interestingly, if you choose proofreading on PDF, they will charge you extra for an obligatory service called PDF premium. You cannot un-choose this one. Apparently, they charge more for different formats because it is more difficult to proofread the paper.

The company does proofreading of different document types, including MS Word, PDF, LaTex, MS PowerPOint, Google Docs, Plain Text, MS Excel, and Rich Text. These are your choices of format when you make the order, and it is a solid selection.

Pricing Model

This is not an expensive service when it comes to editing and proofreading, but it isn’t the cheapest you can find, either. One big downside is that you have to use Stripe as a payment method if you want to get their services. There is no other option, which is a strange choice considering that not many people use Stripe (and there are many restricted countries, too).

Interestingly, when you order from Proofread My Essay, you cannot choose a deadline or a category. They mention that they proofread for five types of customers: students, business people, authors, ESL speakers, and academics or researchers. Even so, the pricing is always the same. There’s no difference and you don’t even have to indicate this when you place the order.

They have three delivery options, too. You can get the paper the next day without paying extra. If you want a more rushed deadline, you have to pay significantly more. Here are some examples of the pricing:

  • DOC/ DOCX format content of 1000 words – £15.00
  • DOC/ DOCX format content of 1000 words + proofreading – £21.00
  • DOC/ DOCX format content of 1000 words + proofreading + editing – £27.00
  • DOC/ DOCX format content of 1000 words with a rushed deadline – £30.00 – £45.00
  • PDF/ GSHEET format content of 1000 words (+ PDF premium) – £21.00

Prices go upward if you choose the rushed deadline options for all orders. You cannot get formatting on most formats such as PPTX, TXT, or PDF.

Discounts, Special Offers, and Loyalty Program

We should clarify this right away – at Proofread My Essay UK, you always pay what you see. There are no special offers, no discounts, and no loyalty program. The only thing available to new customers is a chance to get 500 words proofread for free by using a code presented on the homepage.

Quality of Service

We requested those 500 words that came free for new customers. The work they did was solid, but they arrived two days later, not 24 hours later like the company guarantees. Still, since it was a free service, we decided to give the paid version a go.

The quality of service is poor and definitely not worth the price. It was as if the editors tried harder to do the free part just to convince us to pay them to proofread and edit the paper. We paid a significant sum (it came really close to ordering custom content online) and they did a bit of editing and some proofreading. They missed a few errors, but the editing was unnoticeable.

Website Quality

The website is perhaps the only thing that really works at this company. It’s easy to navigate and full of information.

Quality of Support Service

There are several ways to reach the support: phone, live chat, email, and contact form. However, they don’t seem to work non-stop since we tried to reach them a couple of times and no one responded. They answered to our e-mail three days later.


Based on what we experienced, we cannot recommend this company. Their services are not disastrous, but they are not worth the pricing. This is a strange service in many ways. They charge a lot for some papers, oblige customers to get proofreading in addition to anything else, and have only one payment method available.

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