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A great way to ease your academic life is to reach out for online student help. You can find many sites that offer essays, assignments, and thesis help for reasonable prices. On the other hand, some websites focus more on making a profit than helping the students. is one of those sites. Customers complain about the quality, prices, and client services on a daily basis. Here are some examples:

“I ordered an essay in biotechnology. What a waste of money! I received it days after the deadline, with grammar errors and no bibliography. I’m so disappointed!” – Denis Ryland

“I needed assignment help as I was in a rush. CustomEssays seemed a good option, so I ordered. I received a draft for $50. I got a bad grade that I won’t be able to make up for it. Thank you for the F, CustomEssays!” – Brenda Welford

Writing Services Offered is an online custom essay service supposedly based in the UK. The site aims to help all academic level students.

The website presents its services at the bottom of the main page. Here are some of them:

  • Essay;
  • Essay writer;
  • Buy Essay;
  • Free Essays;
  • Marketing Essay;
  • Arts Essay;
  • Psychology Essay;
  • Sociology Essay;
  • Literature Essay;
  • Economics Essay;
  • Law Essay;
  • Management Essay;
  • Business Essay;
  • Computer Science Essay;
  • Medicine Essay;
  • Biology Essay;
  • Nursing Assignment;
  • Business Assignment;
  • History Assignment;
  • Marketing Assignment;
  • Assignment;
  • Law Assignment;
  • Coursework;
  • GCSE Science Coursework;
  • Dissertation;
  • Education;
  • Write My Essay;
  • Pay for Essay;
  • Economics Assignment;
  • Do My Essay.

Some of the services are keywords rather than actual services, and many of them repeat themselves.

Pricing System and Payment Options

The site has a calculator page. However, it’s not value-driven. Instead, your quote is estimated according to deadlines and the number of pages. This might be a classic example of “quantity over quality” which, as a student, isn’t the best.

So, you can select the type of work you need, the number of pages, and the currency. Then the table refreshes to reveal the quotes based on different deadlines.

The cost of an essay is average to other online paper services, slightly on the more expensive side.

CustomEssays charges you $22.74 for a college essay and $33.98 for a Ph.D. both with a seven-day deadline.

The small icons are at the bottom of the domain, but you can’t click on them because they’re not links. So, you can’t verify if the website is authorized.

Furthermore, we found various CustomEssays reviews that complain about the payment options: the site freezes during the payment process or doesn’t work for American Express.

Others claim that the calculated price doesn’t cover the extra costs of editing, proofreading, and formatting, which should be included in the package.

Lastly, you can find the same calculator on the main page.


CustomEssays doesn’t have a designated page with a hyperlink for discounts.

The only discount mentioned is “15% off your first order.” Then, a pop-up window greets you and advertises the discount in exchange for your newsletter subscription.

The site doesn’t have a loyalty program either.

If you wish to get an example, you can order a sample in the “Samples” section on the menu or at the bottom at the page.

Additionally, we searched for more Custom Essays reviews. Some reports complained that the website stops working when you introduce the 15% off discount code.

Service Quality

Custom Essays claims that their services are high-quality and reasonably priced. Also, their 700+ writers allegedly have either a Master’s degree or a doctorate in a specific field.

However, we found more than one Custom Essays review that state the opposite. Some say that the finished product was inadequate and incomplete. Moreover, they contained grammar and formatting errors. In some cases, the customers had to pay extra to get proofreading and editing.

We decided to verify the quality of the service, and we ordered a research paper regarding the evolution of technology. The result was either paraphrased content or copied. And, although the intro was decent, the research was a confusing mix of information.

In some reports, clients complained as well about having trouble with the essays because they weren’t original. This issue is severe because, as a student, you want to have a unique, well-documented, and written paper.

Website Usability

The website is a custom essays UK themed. But, even though the design may be aesthetic, the site isn’t as user-friendly.

The services and essential features are at the bottom of the page. This is uncomfortable because you always have to scroll down and read the numerous hyperlinks.

As mentioned before, many Custom Essays reviews complain about the site not working during the payment process or discount code insertion. Initially, we thought it was because of the wifi connection. Then we saw more people point the issues and we tried it ourselves to confirm it.

Customer Support

According to more than one CustomEssays review, the client support isn’t 24/7 as advertised. We further investigated the phone number: some sites claim that it belongs to an outlet shop in London.

Moreover, a few customers say that a bot runs the chatbox.

The website also has a blog and a FAQ section that opens up on the main page. You can find more about CustomEssays in the “Why Choose Us” and “About Us” sections.


According to our review, the website isn’t as trustworthy. We examined the site and multiple reports only to find that:

  • The quality isn’t top-notch as they claim. Articles may present grammar and formatting errors, or they might be incomplete.
  • The prices are high for the services provided.
  • The customer support is limited and inadequate.
  • The only discount offered is 15% off your first order.

So, we recommend that you continue to search for a reliable essay service.

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